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Estate and Rental Clean Out Miami

Estate Clean Out

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one clearing out a cluttered or hoarded home can be especially hard, and Hoarding Cleanup Miami understands that. Whether there has been time to prepare for a loved one’s passing or the passing was unexpected, the burden can be more than you can handle. Let Hoarding Cleanup Miami help. We take pride in our care and respect for your loved one’s belongings.

Hoarding Cleanup Miami will work with you to develop the appropriate plan of action for your individual situation. For example, we may clear out the trash and unwanted items while you focus on items to be distributed among family members, donated, or sold. In other cases, we can work in the attic or basement while friends and family work on the main floor.

This is What We Do:

Hoarding Cleanup Miami full services estate cleanout includes:

  • Unwanted items removal/hauling
  • Charity distribution – ask your accountant about tax write-off’s
  • Deep cleaning services
  • Disposal of unwanted items

Professional Estate Clean out:

Hoarding Cleanup Miami offers a complete estate clear out service for family and friends that need help discarding belongings from a loved ones house or property. We are here to help. Family members of the deceased are already left with the burden of grief and we can relieve the stress of having to remove their unwanted items. We have seen families work for days to sort and dispose of possessions. This was a very difficult and emotionally draining time for them and we can step in to help so you don’t have to go through that alone.  Let Hoarding Cleanup Miami help guide you through the process of what to do, and what we can do. We take pride and consideration in taking care of what is important to you while providing the very best service.

Home Estate Repair:

This is a free estimate of the home that can help in deciding what needs to be restored, replaced or removed (flooring, drywall, painting). Hoarding Cleanup Miami can provide a thorough deep cleaning of the property after the initial removal is completed. This would include wiping down of the windows, walls, and ceilings.

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Rental Clean Out:

Hoarding Cleanup Miami can quickly remove whatever items previous occupants have left behind so you can rent your unit as fast as possible. Whether the home or apartment cluttered, unsanitary, hoarded, or all of them, Hoarding Cleanup Miami is here for you. We offer fair pricing and work hard to offer impeccable service so that in the future when tenants are leaving, you think of us.

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